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Brawl Stars is known for its epic list of brawlers, with each having its unique advantages and disadvantages that add a sense of variety and depth to the game. Penny is an excellent Brawler, not just because of her DPS but also because she can be played in various manners to help her be viable in every situation.


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How to Become a Pro in Brawl Stars. How to Play Brawl Stars on a Computer?

This guide showcases only the best brawlers in Brawl Stars Volley Brawl in a tier list fashion. Some of these brawlers you already expect, but others will be a complete surprise as they excel in this mode over others.

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At the battle ground, you will find that the characters have green or red bars over the brawler’s head. These bars indicate the amount of attacks you can launch in one go so keep an eye out for these bars before exhausting your attacks.

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Certains brawlers comme Mortis sont très forts car ils peuvent taper dans le ballon et le rattraper de suite avec l'attaque normale.

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If you can escape out of harm's way and cease firing for a few seconds, your Brawler will gradually restore health, allowing you to return to the fight fully energized. Hiding in the grass or utilizing shelter can help you avoid death.

In Brawl Stars you have a player level that is the same throughout the entire account, not bound to a specific brawler.

Finally, we have seen that Lou is a very good support and that you have to play as a team to use him at best! But be careful not to underestimate this brawler, he can win more than one duel by playing correctly with his immobilization.

When playing with the Heist game mode in Brawl Stars, you must secure your safe from opponents. Remember that your safety is your property, and make every effort to defend it. Hit on the enemy safe with caution. It will assist you in destroying the opposing safe while causing no damage to your safe.

This attack mechanic, in turn, lets you double or even triple the amount of damage you can deal. However, to balance it, the attack itself deals meagre amounts and unloads and reloads quite slow.

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Camping is not the best approach to solo Showdowns unless you are playing with the ED modifier. If you do wish to camp, just make sure to steer clear of the center, as it’ll be the first place people will storm.

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Have you ever wondered how the pros are able to dominate the world rankings? Are they all win-at-all-costs players? What is their formula?

Colt has range and has a Super that goes through obstacles. He also has good stats for both game modes. You may need him to complement short-ranged brawlers like Shelly.

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I thought feeding was giving the enemy their super. Like “our frank is feeding like crazy”

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8-BIT has a very long range, which allows it to keep its opponents at a distance. Its attack range of 10 squares makes up for its lack of movement speed. After being hit by a laser beam, enemies will think twice before trying to get closer.

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Pam doing low damage? Same applies to spike? Feeding is dealing damage, not giving yourself to enemy? I have a feeling that this guide was written by at most 12-year-old.


Brawl Boxes release Coins, Power Points, and occasionally new Brawlers at random.

However, try to practice her as much as you can as her basic attack is quite hard to land even for a more experienced player as it requires a bit of finesse. If you haven’t downloaded the game already, you can download Brawl Stars on PC completely for free!

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Bonus tip 2 – healing: Dying isn’t fun, even in modes where you respawn. To avoid doing so, simply run away (Monty Python voice) and avoid combat for a few seconds and your health bar will start to refill. Firing stops the process.

then I look for a brawler which can maximize the usage of the map. here map has a defending wall which can help tick in playing defensive also here are some bushes which piper can use with the star power to reload ammo faster

Brock – He has the ability to tear through walls and do damage from a distance.

The reason for this is that Extra Toxic gives you a 25% damage reduction, and it applies against all enemies. So, in my opinion, receiving 25% less damage always is far more important than dealing higher damage sometimes.

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Tips: Darryl is another robot just like Ricochet. He however can’t ricochet bullets, but his Super move puts him in a barrel, roll around in high-speed and ricochet off walls damaging any enemy in its path! Once he gets close to anyone, he can deal tons of damage with his dual barrel shotgun. He also has a high health pool so he can pretty much take a beating before you can take him down. Because of his mobility from his Super, he can be a great Gem carrier in Gem Grab. He can go into fights and back away quickly using his Super. Of course, because he is only effective in short range, he is vulnerable to long range attacks.

After explaining what are the main items that can be purchased with gems, I would say that it is time to take a look at the free methods that enthusiasts often use to 'stock up' on this coin.

When playing in Bounty or Smash & Grab mode, you’ll want to keep in mind the number of stars over your heads in the former, or number of crystals your team is carrying in the latter. That means you shouldn’t be too aggressive if you’ve got the upper hand; doing so may only cause you to lose your advantage. Play it safe if you’re ahead, and focus on staying alive. On the other hand, you should also be protecting and defending teammates who have more crystals or a higher bounty on their heads than they do. Don’t give away where these teammates are located in any way, as enemy Brawlers could easily target them to turn the tide in battle.

Always have a Gem Carrier on hand: Penny Poco Shelly Shelly, Pam

During my matches, I see a lot of players failing easy shots because they simply don’t take the effort to aim. Doing so often leads to enemies managing to escape and heal up, when it would have been easy to finish them off if the player was landing their shots.

Your assistance is required at Brighthoof, you’ll need to go to Paladin Mike to know what assistance he requires from you. You can find him in Izzy’s Fizzies Tavern, right next to a stage. Talk to him and “A Realm in Peril” quest will start.

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There is no foolproof trick or method to move faster. That is why we reiterate that you cooperate, that you carry out as many team actions as you can and that you try to be the star player in as many games as you play . Saving money or gems is also vital, it is not good to spend them quickly unless we are aware that we want to continue playing with that character in question or we see that it falls short in some aspects when we are playing team matches.

Vous avez gagné des gemmes dans des coffres ou vous en avez acheté dans la boutique mais vous ne savez pas comment les utiliser ? Nous vous expliquons comment bien les dépenser pour obtenir un maximum de récompenses.

Each Brawler has a specific rarity: Epic, Common, Rare, etc. This only changes the odds of unlocking them through Boxes and how easy Power Points can be obtained to the upgrades.

Last but not least, we have the meteor shower modifier, which, as the name suggests, makes meteors rain down on players. They can fall pretty much anywhere on the map, and they deal 2k damage to any Brawler they hit, knocking them back and destroying obstacles. The meteors also interrupt any attack or super the Brawler is using, so steer clear of those. I really don’t feel like this modifier is ideal for solo Showdowns.

To access unlimited gems and coins, there are brawl stars hack websites and cheat tips for Brawl Stars that you can use to retrieve gems and coins such as bstars.net; Brawl Stars hack on Google sites or brawlstarshack.info.

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The app needs access to the system on your device. When you install an application, you will be notified of all the permissions required to run the application.

As you play, win and collect trophies or brawlers you’ll be able to unlock more game modes. Originally there was 3, then 5, and now seven different modes with more on the way in 2019.

We’ve already covered both movement schemes above, especially the Joystick Move option. But what about Tap to Move? We wouldn’t really recommend it once you’ve gotten to a more advanced level of skill in the game, but if you’re starting out and are still used to being stationary while on the attack, Tap may be the preferable option.

That’s what feeding meant this whole time? I thought it was when someone gives themselves up to the opponent. The more you know, I guess

In terms of the roster, here's a list of every Brawler in the game thus far, listed by rarity:

Pretty good post, but Pam is definitely not weak on her own and she does a ton of damage, and her healing is more for her than her team Edit-this post isn’t all that good lol, high effort but you got a lot of things wrong

Last, but certainly not the least, the tilted battle technique is another good way to throw off your opponents. This is based on the premise that both you and the enemy Brawler do not want to make the first move, and are trying to outwit the other by gaining the strategic advantage in the brawl. That’s where you can try a little variant on good old evasive tactics by walking toward the corner ever-so-slightly, then backing up. Keep on repeating this action until they end up firing at you and missing. That’s going to put you up 3-2 in terms of bullets, and that one-bullet advantage could be key for you going forward into the battle.

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